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Jubilee Events

What a marvellous time we have all had at the Jubilee in our villages. It was wonderful to see so many people coming together for celebration in honour of our Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth the Second.

There were the fundraising event of the Supper on Friday, the History Exhibition and Flower displays on Saturday, Lacey Green Singers Concert of royal music, the fete (moved to the school because of weather conditions - nothing hindered us from celebrations).

Sunday was magnificent, with a wonderful cake (complete with royal carriage) and bubbly after the 10:00am service, and to cap it all, SONGS OF PRAISE ecumenically attended in the evening. We thank and praise Godfor such a good time together. We also thank all of those who worked so hard to make all of this possible.

The street parties were able to go ahead and there was enough food (I am told) to sink a battleship!

Well done everyone, it's great to be in villages together.

The Lord continue to bless us and keep us.

Yours truly,


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